Writing SQL query in Database Tour
Database Tour
Exporting to HTML in Exportizer
Database Report Preview in Reportizer
Extracting Icons in Icons from File
Icons from File
Renaming Files in Rename Us
Rename Us
Free Renju Game
Free Renju
Bulls and Cows Game
Bulls and Cows
Hanoi Tower Puzzle
Hanoi Tower


Database Tools

Name Version File Size in Kb Notes
Database Tour Pro dbtour.zip 6480 Setup (multilingual)
Database Tour dbtour_std.zip 6062 Setup (multilingual)
Exportizer (32-bit) 8.0.5 expt.zip 3532 Setup (multilingual)
Exportizer (64-bit) 8.0.5 expt64.zip 4178 Setup (multilingual)
Exportizer Pro (32-bit) 8.0.5 expt_pro.zip 4983 Setup (multilingual)
Exportizer Pro (64-bit) 8.0.5 expt_pro_64.zip 5638 Setup (multilingual)
Exportizer Enterprise (32-bit) 8.0.5 expt_ent.zip 5020 Setup (multilingual)
Exportizer Enterprise (64-bit) 8.0.5 expt_ent_64.zip 5679 Setup (multilingual)
Reportizer rptizer.zip 5420 Setup (multilingual)
Reportizer Viewer 6.1.5 rptview.zip 2857 Setup (multilingual)

File and Image Utilities

Name Version File Size in Kb Notes
Rename Us 4.2.3 renamus.zip 3166 Setup (English)
Rename Us Pro 4.2.3 renamuspro.zip 4581 Setup (English)
Icons from File 5.1.1 exico.zip 1890 Setup (multilingual)

Logical Games

Name Version File Size in Kb Notes
Free Renju 5.03 frenju.zip 404 Setup (multilingual)
Logical Crossroads 1.52 lc.zip 522 Setup (multilingual)
Hanoi Towers 1.0 hanoi.zip 99 Setup (multilingual)

Screen Savers

Name Version File Size in Kb Notes
Flying Cube 2.0 flycube.zip 422 Setup (English)