Rename Us Users' Guide

Project Execution

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To execute project, please go to Execute page.

In the top part of the page, there is a list of all current project options. You may wish to analyze them before executing the project.

At the bottom of the page, there is an execution log. After execution, it will show you old and new name for each file. Also, error(s) will be displayed (if any).

To execute project in test mode, click Execute project in test mode button. The test mode means, that no real actions will be done. After the test is finished, you will able to analyze log records and see, how the files will be renamed.

To execute project in work mode, click Execute Project button. After execution, there is an ability to undo changes using Undo button.
1. Only last execution can be undone.
2. After creating or opening new project, the undoing of previous project will be unavailable.